Current Art Installations

wfs-n0v-2016 Waterfront Station: Signs for a Meaningful Protest- by Josephine Lee   Josephine Lee is driven by her interest in constructing new meanings and conceptions about language and environment with relation to historical and cultural bias, desire, politics and selfhood. Lee's cross-disciplinary works in printed matter, electronics, sculpture and installation strive to engage the broader public; typically by activating and intervening into civic and architectural space. [...]
vcc-nords Vancouver City Centre: How are you going... by QUINLAN DEER HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, 2016 QUINLAN DEER This city prides itself for its youthfulness and transient nature. People often use the city of Vancouver as a pit stop on their journey elsewhere. It is a difficult place to call home, but a very desirable temporary stay. In [...]
Vancouver City Centre: Date Stamp Vancouver City Centre: Date Stamp Alison Fu`s Date Stamp is the result of examining the residential areas of the City of Vancouver through documenting its sidewalks and the houses associated with them. Date stamps as well as imprints of street names are found only on the corner sections of sidewalks in some residential areas in Vancouver. The superimposed sidewalk image [...]
vcc-barnacle-city Vancouver City Centre: Barnacle City: by Laiwan Barnacle City projects imaginative possibilities of a future city, or perhaps a city that once was, in which natural accretions are anchored among man-made structures. Click on the QR code to view a short film of this exceptional place. Where is this science-fiction inspired city? You will recognize Vancouver 's cityscape dramatically altered by this [...]
yts-oct-2016 Yaletown Station: Bear Claws Salad Hands - by Farooq and Linschooten BEAR CLAWS SALAD HANDS, 2016 Sameer Farooq + Mirjam Linschooten Canadian artist Sameer Farooq and Dutch artist Mirjam Linschooten work collaboratively to examine the ways in which cultural diversity is narrated and represented  through  various  forms  of collecting, interpretation and display. Over a series of research trips via the CAG Burrard Marina Field House Studio [...]
Olympic capture 2016 Olympic Village: Figure Ground -by- Jean-Paul Kelly Jean-Paul Kelly’s work challenges the notion of documentary images: how they are produced, how they circulate, and how we interpret and understand them. For this project, Kelly repeats a photograph of an original gouache painting across the facade of the station. The original painting, made by Kelly, is itself a reproduction that formally and subjectively [...]
bws-2016 Broadway Station: Backup - by Chris Eugene Mills   How do you relate to the internet? Windows 95 once asked us . Where do you want to go today? And we delightfully remained in our seats. Twenty years later, we remain there, hovering in front of monitors and displays that promise an other, virtual space. And we simply can't make the same excuses [...]
Walking Figures Broadway-City Hall: Walking Figures "Walking Figures”  - by Magdalena Abakanowicz Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Sculpture Biennale Magdalena Abakanowicz is one of the most influential sculptors and artists of the 21st century and her native Poland’s national living treasure. Represented in major collections and museums throughout Europe and North America, and a recipient of many honours, Abakanowicz’s imagery and use [...]
KES Capture 2016 King Edward Station: Postes Canada - by - John Goldsmith John Goldsmith’s work follows the long tradition of straight photography, but in a contemporary and often theatrical mode. Drawing from the rich history of documentary photography, this project explores the social aspects of people inhabiting the built environment, documenting unstaged moments punctuated with the visual representations of a postmodern psyche. Using the principles of the [...]
lgs-nov-2016 Langara -49th: Wind Chimes LANGARA COLLEGE CREATIVE ARTS The site at the Langara 49th and Cambie Canada Line station is surrounded by both pedestrians and commuters.  From bikes cycling by, chatter from pedestrians, car engines at the intersection and to the constant rush of noise from ongoing traffic, it is clear that motion and sound are key components to [...]
MDS Capture 2016 image Marine Drive Station: HAMSTERLEY FARM WATER TOWER -by- Lucien Durey For Hamsterley Farm Water Tower, Lucien Durey turned a Hamsterley Farm strawberry jam tin, which he found in Saskatoon, into a crude pinhole camera, using a sewing needle to poke a small hole into the face of the tin. With the homemade camera and 4” x 5” film, the artist travelled to Saanich, British Columbia, [...]
Blossoming1 Marine Drive: Blossoms - by Kitty Leung Cherry blossoms erupt throughout greater Vancouver every spring. Fully bloomed cherry trees on abright sunny day present us a natural and energetic scene. This sudden outburst of pink sparks a lively colour all over the urban neighbourhood. In this project cherry blossom is recreated as a single motif developed into a dynamic composition. The extensively [...]
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