Marine Drive: Blossoms – by Kitty Leung

Cherry blossoms erupt throughout greater Vancouver every spring. Fully bloomed cherry trees on abright sunny day present us a natural and energetic scene. This sudden outburst of pink sparks a lively colour all over the urban neighbourhood.

In this project cherry blossom is recreated as a single motif developed into a dynamic composition. The extensively stenciled glass wall brings a sense of growth, flowering, and sprouting to pedestrians and commuters. When the sunlight strikes the glass wall in the afternoon, shadows of cherry blossom stencils are cast over the   floor of the stairs  creating  amulti-spatial effect. The brightness of the colour and the simplicity of the form provide avibrant, enthusiastic, and cheerful atmosphere in the city.

Cherry blossom motif in Chinese culture is connected with development, tranquility, harmony, and joy.In China it has been a tradition of putting cherry blossom paper cutouts on walls and windows in Chinese New Year to celebrate the coming of spring and prosperity it brings. Chinese is the biggest  visual  minority  group  in BC making  up  20°/o   of   its   population. Cherry blossom motif associates the group with a vital and colourful living style   of   the   present   and   brings memories of  its own culture. Cherry blossom symbolizes Chinese culture that evolves and grows through interacting with other cultures in the community. The dialogue between cultures makes changes to the urban space and provides a harmonious and welcoming environment to both local people and visitors. The cultural exchange, integration and engagement gradually cultivate a unique identity of the city; Greater Vancouver has become a multi-cultural platform for every Canadian.

This project is funded by: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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