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Luz=Luz Commercial Various Locations: Luz=Luz Commercial "Luz=Luz Commercial" - by Claudio Rivera - Seguel Claudio Rivera-Seguel was born in Prince Rupert, Canada in 1965. He graduated in Architecture (Public Art projects) from the University of British Columbia in 1992. He is a Chilean-Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose work includes drawing, digital graphics, installations and performance. His works often question the way in [...]
Bump In The Night: Broadway-City Hall Broadway-City Hall: bump in the night "…bump in the night" (Vancouver) - by Lisa Steele & Kim Tomczak Curated by Paul Wong This is a series of life-size photo-text panels featuring students from the Native Education College. Previous versions include Caen (France), Stuttgart (Germany), Barrie and Toronto (Ontario). This site-specific project is presented in partnership with InTransitBC at Canada Line Broadway-City [...]
Broadway City Hall: Kanata Bella Futura Broadway City Hall: Kanata Bella Futura "Kanata Bella Futura" - by Joe Fafard Joe Fafard is one of Canada’s leading professional visual artists who has exhibited a wide variety of work in galleries and museums across Canada and around the world. He is widely recognized as being at the forefront of his art, and his outstanding contribution to the arts have [...]
Olympic Village Station: Le Banc Olympic Village Station: Le Banc “Le Banc” – by Marie Khouri This is one of the first installation in our program and has garnered much attention for the artist as a true piece of ‘functional public art’. Please read article about the artist and her work (including Le Banc) here:
Install 3 Yaletown-Roundhouse: As It Comes As It Comes by Raymond Boisjoly - removed June 20, 2013 As it Comes by Raymond Boisjoly appears at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station as a discrete artwork, humorously foreboding, and more comic than terrifying, presented like a credit from a B-list horror film. Yet it functions as the title for Boisjoly’s exhibition at the Contemporary Art [...]
Yaletown-Roundhouse: Waves - 2012 Yaletown-Roundhouse: Waves - 2012 by Nicolas Sassoon Photo: Scott Massey Nicolas Sassoon’s design for the northeast window at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station is part of a larger body of work for which the artist is producing a collection of Moiré patterns – a visual effect inadvertently discovered by Swiss photographer Ernst Moiré in the late 1800s. The optical phenomenon is [...]
Yaletown-Roundhouse: Via Lactea Yaletown-Roundhouse: Via Lactea Scott Massey Via Lactea (above Glacier Lake), 2012 Typically Massey’s work accentuates and amplifies natural phenomena, often heightened through artificial means or via slight manipulations, exploring notions of time and space, and the mutable connections between them. In Via Lactea (above Glacier Lake) Massey deftly combines 171 narrow-field photographs of the night sky on the [...]
Yaletown - Roundhouse: Equestrian Monument Yaletown - Roundhouse: Equestrian Monument "Equestrian Monument" - by David Robinson David Robinson’s Equestrian Monument is the seminal work in what has become a recurring theme in Robinson’s oeuvre; its inconclusive narrative moment binding motifs both mythical and historical. The gaze of the rider is set upon some unseen horizon, as the burdened beast labours, very much in the here-and-now. [...]
Yaletown - Roundhouse: Joe Sola Is Making Art Yaletown - Roundhouse: Joe Sola Is Making Art "Joe Sola Is Making Art" - Joe Sola This work is both tongue-in-cheek, part wry humour and part sensuous social commentary. The work places the artist in a box which chronicles his time making art. The work draws attention to the celebrity status, hungry for the limelight, forced self-promotion inherent in the contemporary art scene. [...]
Granville & Robson - The People of the Ivanhoe Granville & Robson - The People of the Ivanhoe Builders of the City - Champions of Vancouver by Amanda Catching On Granville at Robson (removed 9/20/12) Is there such a thing as a characteristic citizen of a city? A quintessential Parisian, Roman, or Londoner. There does seem to exist an abstract idea of what these persons would be. What then constitutes a stereotypical Vancouverite? [...]
Granville & Robson: Rogues Gallery Granville & Robson: Rogues Gallery by Caje Creative Using archival records from the Vancouver Police (1899-1905) the artwork “Rogues Gallery circa 1900” reveals the socioeconomic climate of the Port of Vancouver at the turn of the century. During the boom of the early 1900’s people from all over the world arrived daily in Vancouver to seek adventure and fortune. In [...]
Vancouver City Centre: Coffee Consumption on Robson Street Vancouver City Centre: Coffee Consumption on Robson Street "Coffee Consumption on Robson Street" - by Mia Ikeda The photography artwork "Coffee Consumption on Robson Street" was exhibited at the fire exit of Vancouver City Centre (Canada line station) between Robson street and Granville street. Please Link for more info
Garden Of Wind-blown Seeds Garden Of Wind-blown Seeds Ruth Jones is an artist who works both in the medium of paint and of fine hand woven tapestry. In addition to developing her unique line of work, she creates site-specific imagery on commission for private, public and corporate clients. Her client list includes the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver and the Governor-General’s residence in [...]
Vancouver City Centre: Cat & Mouse, 2012 Vancouver City Centre: Cat & Mouse, 2012 CAT & MOUSE, 2012 Artist: Mark Soo Cat & Mouse consists of graphic "poems" cut from adhesive vinyl. Text fragments derived from popular culture and colourful graphic styles related to commercial signage become entangled to stimulate word play and associative layers of meaning. Mark Soo lives and works in Berlin and Vancouver. He graduated from [...]
Vancouver City Station: Ecce Homo Vancouver City Station: Ecce Homo “Ecce Homo” – by Althea Thauberger – in partnership with the City of Vancouver. Please link for photo & description:
Vancouver City Centre: Lines in architecture and art Vancouver City Centre: Lines in architecture and art "Lines in architecture and art" - by Arabella Campbell Arabella Campbell's photomural is a repeated image of a coastal landscape that emphasizes the high-tide line where the land and water meet. This perfectly level naturally occurring "reveal" is echoed in the surrounding architecture as the gap between the level plane of the floor and the [...]
Vancouver City Centre: '5' Vancouver City Centre: '5' '5' - by Paul Wong Paul Wong picked up a portapak video camera in the 1970’s as a rebel against the world around him. He created portraits of his generation’s lives of sex, drugs and rock n’roll. He has created hundreds of works, never stopping production, always pushing boundaries, always questioning the Establishment. In ‘5’ [...]
Vancouver City Centre Station: Artificial Rock #143 Vancouver City Centre Station: Artificial Rock #143 "Artificial Rock #143" - by Zhan Wang This reflective stainless steel rock literally and metaphorically represents the past and future, tradition and transition of a nation and people into Modernity. Wang’s work embodies an expansive world view – it touches on economics, sociology, urban planning and architecture as well as traditional Chinese aesthetics. Zhan Wang [...]
Waterfront Station: TransAmericana2012 Waterfront Station: TransAmericana2012 "TransAmericana 2012” is a relational and viral public art project created by Chilean-Canadian artist Claudio Rivera-Seguel. The work aims to establish an Inter-American network for collaborative cultural creation and dissemination in order to encourage public participation and creativity within the physical and virtual public domain. The starting point of the project consists of two exhibitions [...]
VAN125_doc_06 Waterfront Station: By Any Other Name “By Any Other Name” - by Working Format, partially funded by City of Vancouver 125 grant. As symbols that represent time and place, names reflect the prevailing attitude of the culture in which they are given. While full of meaning,the attempt to capture complex traditions in a single word often neglects the numerous, conflicting characteristics [...]
little shadows Langara - 49th: Little Shadow Little Shadow, pays homage to an iconic object that Vancouverites often carry around for refuge from the rain - an umbrella. Historically used to connote status (held only by kings, priestesses, or army generals), the umbrella has become a ubiquitous possession that is often tucked inside bags of public transit travellers. The piece imitates the [...]
artontheline08_thm Waterfront: Under Construction "Under Construction" - by Tamara Leigh Tamara Leigh is a Vancouver, B.C. based photographer with extensive experience in a multitude of venues. She has worked throughout Canada, the United States, Africa and the Middle East and has been featured in various publications globally. With a creative photojournalistic approach combined with a passion for people and [...]
INTERSECTIONS Waterfront: Intersections "INTERSECTIONS" Curated by The Platform Gallery Hollywood & Vine. Haight & Ashbury. Portage & Main. Great cities are composed of great intersections. Recognizable outside of their city limits, these intersections play host to significant historical events, define the culture of a neighbourhood, and are the meeting point for diverse groups of people. Launched on February [...]
wfs web pic Waterfront: Chasing the Clock - by David Fok.  In metropolises, the pace of life is very fast. While urbanites enjoy the conveniences the city around them offers, it also has a dark side. Our time is mercilessly calculated, viciously divided and utterly constrained. We are severely limited by the time available to us. Efficiency is critical, and waste is [...]
20150224_Waterfront4_USLetterSize_RMuntean-656x656[1] Waterfront Station: Teachings - by Reese Muntean Artist Reese Muntean Curator Kate Hennessey “Fishing is not the act of just putting a net in the water. Why it is so vital to us is because the preparation that goes before fishing is where the transferring of knowledge happens. Old stories come out; this is where the history is passed along. You can [...]
Isabelle-Pauwels_07_ip_stripesfluo_300_17hi-1926x2874 Waterfront Station: Untitled - by Isabelle Pauwels Isabelle Pauwels’s sequence of images hovers between fantasy, absurdism, and documentary. Sourced from digital photographs, scans of family archives, and frame grabs from the artist’s past video productions, the images depict common cultural artifacts and are capped by mirroring analogue video colour bars that haven been superimposed with text clipped from digital HD video colour [...]
Emily Carr - Experimental Animation Project "Nova" LCD Screens: NOVA "NOVA" by Emily Carr University of Art & Design The Faculty of Culture + Community and InTransit BC Limited Partnership (Canada Line) are pleased to present NOVA, a joint public art project featuring the work of Emily Carr animation students. Student reels from this project are on display in the Library's display window until February [...]
LCD Screen: 10 Seconds LCD Screens: 10 Seconds “10-Seconds” – by Paul Wong Projects (On screens for 2 weeks each month from April 2011 to March 2012) 10 Seconds was a curated and commissioned series of new works by Vancouver artists that was presented on the video screens of the Canada Line subway system. This yearlong project ran from April 2011 to [...]
Anticipation, Perfection, Ascension Marine Drive: "Anticipation, Perfection, Ascension" by PHILIPPE SOKAZO Beyond the homage to the motto of the Olympics that have marked the City of Vancouver, these three sculptures celebrate mankind’s quest for a better future, powered by its intellectual, intuitive and spiritual qualities. "The future will be bright, full of colour and fascinating; we don’t have to be afraid of it” [...]
Tread Lightly Langara Station: Tread Lightly Tread Lightly was designed for the Langara/49th Avenue Station by students in the Fine Arts Program at Langara College. The sculpture reflects the points and connections of a simple train route map, transformed through the use of plexiglass panels of various shapes and sizes. The result challenges the viewer to see the route in a [...]
Langara Bear Hunt Langara - 49th: Bear Hunt (Heads) 2009 "Bear Hunt (Heads) 2009" - by Dean Drever Dean Drever is a member of the Haida nation and born in Edmonton in 1970. He received a BFA in 1997 from the Alberta College of Art and Design where he studied sculpture design. His work has found a focus in the related themes of violence, power [...]
Hair Piece: King Edward Station King Edward Station: Hair Piece “Hair Piece” – by Athena Papadopoulos Hair Piece is a series of three hanging sculptures suspended from the ceiling. Each sculpture is comprised of a multiplicity of synthetic hair pieces such as extensions and cut-up wigs which have been arranged to emulate the form of a chandelier. Hair Piece alludes to an exploration of the [...]
King Edward: Garlands King Edward: Garlands "Garlands" - by Michele Quan Text: Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook - C. Bukowski Courtesy of Paul Wong Projects - On Main Gallery “Trees. I make ceramic garlands to be hung in their branches in offering to the earth, the community and the self. Clay is earth – a tactile material that is transformed by [...]
Waterfront: Here Comes Waterfront: Here Comes Here Comes by Erdem Taşdelen Here Comes is a new work by Vancouver-based artist Erdem Taşdelen. Borrowing titles of existing songs that begin with this phrase, Here Comes couples the vibrant traffic of the project's site with the incessant and repetitive occurrences of these words. Detailed and accurate track length information is also provided on [...]
Arabella Campbell Photo Mural Vancouver City Centre: Muntadas Muntadas by Arabella Campbell On Translation: Warning A pioneer in the fields of conceptual and media art, Antoni Muntadas’ practice includes performance, video, photography, multimedia installations, publications, web-based projects and public art. Incorporating in-depth research and astute readings of cultural situations, his incisive works have addressed ideas such as the relationship between public and private, the [...]
Moving Backward Paul Buccijpg Waterfront Station South - Going Forward, Moving Backward -by Paul Bucci GOING FORWARD/MOVING BACKWARD  Paul Bucci  There exists a certain kind of poetry in code for those with the right kind of eyes.  The algorithm that built this maze takes three lines to define, but it produces a structure so complex that it is nearly unfathomable for a traveler tasked with solving it.  A move’s meaning [...]
Negative Space, by Mungo Thomson Yaletown-Roundhouse: Negative Space Negative Space by Mungo Thomson Mungo Thomson is known for creating diverse projects that playfully use language, culture and media. Central to his artistic proposition is that of context – be it institutional, cultural or that of everyday life – through his work we are prompted to grasp the many challenges to our perception in [...]
Fish Ladder: Salmon on the Capilano Vancouver City Centre: Fish Ladder: Salmon in the Capilano "Fish Ladder: Salmon on the Capilano" by Jim Breukelman Photo Credit: Jim Breukelman The installation consists of five large images in a grey field on the window of the station. These images emphasize the mystery and movement of the salmon within the turbulent flow of water. Salmon are central to the economy and culture of [...]
Culture - Public Art - Platforms - Reconciliation - Krista Belle Stewart - Her Story - Canada Line - Image - no text Vancouver City Centre Station: Her Story Krista Belle Stewart   In 1967, Camera West, a  CBC documentary series, produced Seraphine: Her own story told by Seraphine Ned, which portrayed the story of BC's first Native public health nurse, and the artist's mother. This project is based on a production still from this film and is used to unpack a set of [...]
Itee Pootoogook for website Yaletown-Roundhouse: Sky at Night "Sky at Night" - by Itee Pootoogook The Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG) presents the first solo exhibition in a public institution of work by Canadian artist Itee Pootoogook. As part of an ongoing collaboration with The Canada Line Public Art Program and CAG, this off-site installation presented in large-scale at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station of 'Sky at [...]
CLAXTONelk_promo[1] Vancouver City Centre: Elk - by Dana Claxton Elk for c̓əsnaʔəm Artist Dana Claxton Curator Rita Beiks Dana Claxton is a Vancouver-based artist and educator working in film, video, photography, and performance art. Born in Saskatchewan, Claxton’s mixed Euro-Canadian and Lakota First Nations ancestry provides her with strong cultural roots that ground her in different cultures and with gifts of openness and curiosity [...]
Adad-Hannah_Contortionist-1-1926x2889 Vancouver City Centre: An Arrangement - by Adad Hannah Adad Hannah is perhaps best known for his tableau vivant video stills that reimagine historical paintings and sculptures with live actors. With An Arrangement (Polka Dot Case Study) 1, 2, 5, he explores new themes, exchanging the high-production epics for more process-based, in-studio experimentations. For this new body of work, Hannah made a set of [...]
- Coastal City - Deanne ... Vancouver City Centre: Pier D, 2016 by: Deanne Achong On July 27, 1938, a four alarm fire broke out on CPR’s Pier D. This artwork presents this significant historic moment in the life of the port, a vital feature of the city and central to the downtown commercial hub. The ‘portholes’  present a central image shot by the artist showing where the pier used [...]
VCC Toques Vancouver City Centre: The Toque Project "The Toque Project" by Celine Simpson How befitting is the toque to people who experience the winter under a whitish film, the salty mist settling not unpleasantly into our bones. Even the lackadaisical slouch of the knitted hat seems a symbol of the damp winter melancholy that can creep upon a Vancouverite from time to time. [...]
Bancroft1_mirrored Yaletown-Roundhouse: Boulevard Boulevard March 28 to September 7, 2014 Off-site at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line For this new commission, a sequence of photographs of winter trees are grouped in mirrored formations around two of the station’s glass walls. High-contrast translucent prints cast patterns and shadows when the sun shines through, infiltrating the station below. Penner Bancroft took [...]
SONY DSC Vancouver City Centre: Tight City TIGHT CITY (2014) The Graey With the real-estate bubble expanding and gentrification in full swing, affordable housing in Vancouver has become scarce. In TIGHT CITY, the youth art collective “The Graey” raises questions about sustainable living conditions. Posing as urban residents, members of the collective play with illusion to stage a high-density living space that [...]
image Then, Now, When Julia Carol Vancouver City Centre - Then, Now, When - by Julia Casol       Julia Casol - "Then, Now, When These drawings are based on my life and interests in modern architecture, urban landscapes, grids, and the density of cities. While based on real cities, my drawings are slightly surreal because I am struck by the wild surreal-like forms of modern architecture and I wanted to exaggerate [...]
March Sweater0332altonedit Vancouver City Centre: The March Sweater Project THE MARCH SWEATER PROJECT, 2016 LEE SNELGAR - Photographer RUSSELL ALTON – Geometry The March Sweater Project is a platform designed to promote awareness in support of Vancouver's aging LGBTQ population. The project honours LGBTQ trailblazers and their straight allies, while illuminating the need for culturally competent care within the healthcare system. Lee Snelgar, photographer [...]
King Edward: G7 King Edward: G7 G7 - by Preeti Smith This sculptural installation is based on the English phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It deals with the concepts of desire, greed, risk, and responsibility. Each of the seven baskets in the installation represents one of the G7 countries. Preeti Smith is a Canadian artist and designer. [...]
YTS web pic Yaletown-Roundhouse: Brand New View Gunilla Klingberg Brand New View (Vancouver), 2014. This is the first solo exhibition in Canada by Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg comprising two interrelated large-scale commissions. Klingberg’s practice is characterized by the intersection of received knowledge, folk beliefs and popular culture. At the gallery and Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, murals of seemingly quasi-oriental pattern appear to evoke cosmic [...]
Bool_-1 Yaletown - Roundhouse: Flight of the Medici Mamluk by Shannon Bool Shannon Bool The Flight of the Medici Mamluk, 2015 Shannon Bool is an artist who typically references a wide variety of historical and monumental objects in her work, commenting on the role of decorative arts within art history, as well as on the change in meaning that occurs through the replication and alteration of significant [...]
jeriDoublelifeSunemail (2) Yaletown -Roundhouse Station: JERI - by James Stewart JERI by James Stewart  We wear our past and it is the basis of our interpretation of the world. “Jeri’s” surface has been heavily abstracted in such a way to emote symbols in the same way you read faces and animals in cloud formations. Stepping away from the figure reveals our struggle captured in the [...]
Yaletown Station: Home Underground by Walter K. Scott Scott is an interdisciplinary artist working across writing, illustration, performance and sculpture. In 2011,he began a comic book series, Wendy,the story of a fictional young woman lving in an urban centre, who aspires to global success and art stardom but whose dreams are perpetually derailed.The position of the underdog,outsider and shape shifter is central to [...]
Jerome-Havre_01.Untitled-1926x1443 Yaletown Station: Untitled -by- Jérôme Havre Contemporary Art Gallery presents Toronto-based artist Jérôme Havre’s first presentation in Vancouver. Of Caribbean descent and originally from France, Havre’s work considers representation, circulation, transmission, and translation of black identities, interrogating racialized stereotypes and ideologies projected onto bodies. Drawing directly onto a found family portrait, Untitled (2010) is a blunt gesture. The image depicts a [...]
A Stable World That Would Last Forever - Krista Jahnke Olympic Village: A Stable World that will Last Forever- by Krista Jahnke It is the designer who must attempt to re-evaluate his role in the nightmare he helped to conceive, to retread the historical process which inverted the hopes of the modern movement. - Toraldo di Francia, Superstudio A Stable World That Will Last Forever is a constructed portrait of Vancouver. This photo montage is composed of [...]
Olympic Village: Histoire d'O Olympic Village: Histoire d'O "Histoire d'O" - by Marie Khouri Histoire d'O was the first large sculptural piece created by artist, Marie Khouri, upon her arrival in Vancouver in 2006. It was hand-sculpted in clay then cast in concrete; the piece at Olympic Village Station is the artist's own and she has graciously loaned to the Canada Line Public [...]
OlympicVillage-1926x1074[1] Olympic Village: Monument to Piazza Italia - by Gabe Hill Monument to Piazza Italia Artist Gabe Hill Curator Jordan Wilson Monument to Piazza Italia (2014) is a work by Vancouver-based, Cree/Métis artist Gabe Hill. The photograph documents an evening of electrical repairs by Hill and her brother, who rewired the lighting in Piazza Italia in East Vancouver to temporarily illuminate the square’s empty pedestal, raising [...]
Karin Bubas Statement for Canada Line Broadway-City Hall: Karin Bubas Statement for Canada Line Karin Bubas Statement for Canada Line Studies in Desolation continues Karin Bubaš's study of women in landscapes, however this series gets its inspiration from apocalyptic visions of earth as seen in 1970’s science fiction films such as Logan’s Run.  Each picture shows a woman with her face turned away from the camera in a rocky terrain with [...]
Langara-49th: Placebo 4.9 Langara-49th: Placebo 4.9 Placebo 4.9 by the students in Langara College Public Art Program. Placebo 4.9 prompts discussion about the ideas of lifestyle and the coping mechanisms and habits that come with the constant migration to and fro in the urban environment. To handle the stresses and trials of these routines, we create habits that may help us [...]
BWS web pic Broadway-City Hall: Urban Living Jang, Alice- Urban Living (series) Everyday photographic images and drawn images of a biker, a digital clock, a bridge, an iPod, a sign on the bridge, and a computer chip resembling a city map were used for this project to reflect the theme of daily urban commuting life. These images also reflect the objects of [...]
cesnaem4-book-656x656[1] Broadway Station: The Mar Poles - by David Campion and Sandra Shields The Mar Poles Artists David Campion and Sandra Shields Curator Susan Rowley This work plays on the name of Marpole, the Vancouver neighbourhood built on top of the ancient city of c̓әsnaʔәm. Instead of the house posts and carved figures of the Coast Salish longhouse, the work shows the pillars and poles of today, reconceptualizing [...]
BWS Capture 2016 image Broadway Station: WEATHER PATTERNS - by-David Ellingsen Climate change is directly responsible for influencing David Ellingsen’s ongoing series Weather Patterns. Having grown up on rural Cortes Island, British Columbia, Ellingsen acknowledges his strong connection with the environment and the immediate effects of global climate change felt around him. Ellingsen began Weather Patterns I in 2011 by documenting the daily flux of the [...]
King Edward Yellow Square King Edward - Yellow Square Yellow Square by Jamie Dolinko Selected from Jamie Dolinko's recent series “Yellow Square” these images were photographed from the balcony of her previous studio near the Plaza of Nations in Vancouver, B.C. They portray a fixed traffic marker from a steadfast point of view, recording shifts of light and time in a landscape without horizon [...]
King-Edhomestory1[1] King Edward Station: Home Story - by Cherry Smiley Home Story Artist  Cherry Smiley Curators  Kara Campbell, Claire Koga, Tessa McIntosh, Christine Pennington, Brandon Rivas The theme “the city before the city” demonstrates the extensive history of the lands on which Vancouver is situated and highlights the importance of considering the old and new in tandem, not in isolation. King Edward Station displays the [...]
going-going-green Langara - 49th Ave Going, Going...Green This sculpture was inspired by the materials that comprise it - steel and ivy.  The steel has been bent to the artist’s will, against its own, to form a three-dimensional line drawing.  It depicts an individual, looking upward with outstretched hand, amidst several unengaged and nondescript figures.  Within the composition, steel spirals act as planters [...]
maquette1 Langara - 49th: See See T.V. See See T.V. 2014  Langara College Creative Arts  “See See T.V.” satirizes the issue of surveillance by taking an everyday security camera and blowing it up to comical proportions.  “See See T.V.” reveals itself through a crack in the wall, blatantly invading the space it occupies. The piece watches the viewer silently through its single [...]
langara Langara - 49th: House Party 2015 House Party 2015 Langara College Creative Arts A party celebrating the end of outdated housing ideas along the Cambie corridor. The work was designed and fabricated as part of the Public Art Studio Practice Course at Langara College Fine Arts Program. Designed and fabricated by: • Orly Ashkenazy • Hannah Doyle • Benjamin Mills • [...]
Langara-49th: Sense of Place Langara-49th: Sense of Place Theme: Sense of Place-Oakridge/Langara Photographer: Blair Dewan student Langara College CS Photography Presented by: Langara College Continuing Studies Photography Curated by: Jim Balderston Artist’s Statement The only thing certain is the uncertainty of change. The project addresses the concepts of home and community and their creation, maturation, re-invention and redefinition. It asks questions about what [...]
Marine Drive: Double Exposure Marine Drive: Double Exposure “Double Exposure” – by Samson Tam Between the recent decline and decay of Vancouver's Historic Chinatown and the newly growing demographics of Chinese in the city of Richmond, Double Exposure questions what is to become of everything caught in-between? After the 1990s wave of new Asian awareness between the work of Paul Wong and the [...]
CLAXTON_Tatanka-Wanbli-transform_MAG[1] Marine Drive Station: Tatanka Wanbli Chekpa Wicincala - by Dana Claxton Tatanka Wanbli Chekpa Wicincala Artist Dana Claxton Curator Zoya Mirzaghitova, Marisa Swinton, Rebecca Cron, John Zollars, Nichola Lee The British colonists who arrived at what is now known as the City of Vancouver saw a resemblance between the twin peaks that crown the local landscape and the lion statues in London’s Trafalgar Square. However, these two mountain [...]
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