Broadway-City Hall: Urban Living

Jang, Alice- Urban Living (series)
Everyday photographic images and drawn images of a biker, a digital clock, a bridge, an iPod, a sign on the bridge, and a computer chip resembling a city map were used for this project to reflect the theme of daily urban commuting life. These images also reflect the objects of advanced and modernized urban life.Viewers may interpret the artworks with their own perspectives reflective of their personal life and experiences of commuting to work or school.By placing the urbanized objects, I wished viewers to reflect on their past and connect themselves to the present. Also, by putting the image of a bridge, I hoped to bridge the gap between our past and the present. A biker is trying to move towards a better life, with the help of new technology. Here, a computer chip and an iPod symbolize advanced technology. Images were printed on the paper using various colors and compositions. By doing so, I expected viewers to experience the dynamic movement and various emotions towards different artworks.

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