Langara – 49th Ave Going, Going…Green

This sculpture was inspired by the materials that comprise it - steel and ivy.  The steel has been bent to the artist’s will, against its own, to form a three-dimensional line drawing.  It depicts an individual, looking upward with outstretched hand, amidst several unengaged and nondescript figures.  Within the composition, steel spirals act as planters encasing ivy, which interacts with the sculpture, free for the most part, from the artist’s intervention.  The relationship between the steel and ivy elements is in constant flux and encourages the viewer to consider, not only the struggle, but also the potential for harmony, between nature and industry and the impact of each upon the other.  Going, Going … Green will continue, through the ivy’s growth, to create itself.  This speaks to the limits of man’s control over his environment.

Jenerator Paulsen, a 2013 graduate of the Langara Fine Arts Diploma Program, is the artist of the new sculpture. Paulsen was selected through the College's first juried student art competition.

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