Vancouver City Centre: The Toque Project

"The Toque Project" by Celine Simpson

How befitting is the toque to people who experience the winter under a whitish film, the salty mist settling not unpleasantly into our bones. Even the lackadaisical slouch of the knitted hat seems a symbol of the damp winter melancholy that can creep upon a Vancouverite from time to time. It suits our mellow demeanour, and goes perfectly with our gum boots and woollen pea coats. We wear our Canadiana well.

The Toque Project provides a representation from an intimate and somewhat unusual vantage point. An element of anonymity allows the toque to be the primary focus, yet is a nod to the vivid and diverse individuals that peep out from beneath them. The fifty five portraits, collected between 2011 and 2013, are a snapshot of the distinct and subtle culture that often exists inconspicuously within a single city.

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