Waterfront: Chasing the Clock

- by David Fok.  In metropolises, the pace of life is very fast. While urbanites enjoy the conveniences the city around them offers, it also has a dark side. Our time is mercilessly calculated, viciously divided and utterly constrained. We are severely limited by the time available to us. Efficiency is critical, and waste is unacceptable. Everything is gauged by the clock. My piece is a visualization of our enslavement to the clock. In Vancouver there is a relentless sense of racing against the clock. Through our attempt to stay ahead, we are ultimately trapped in the never-ending struggle against the endless onslaught of time. It is nemesis that constantly moves forward, without rest, and without regard to anything. We may attempt to defeat it, but its persistence will inevitably win. We are swept away into the vortex, trapped in its vice forever. We are slaves to time.

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