Yaletown Station: Home Underground by Walter K. Scott

Scott is an interdisciplinary artist working across writing, illustration, performance and sculpture. In 2011,he began a comic book series, Wendy,the story of a fictional young woman lving in an urban centre, who aspires to global success and art stardom but whose dreams are perpetually derailed.The position of the underdog,outsider and shape shifter is central to this body of work and the influence of feminist icons such as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde or artist, punk poet, experimental novel st and filmmaker Kathy Acker lingers.

A Home Underground (2015) evolves from a new Wendy volume in which the eponymous character moves to Vancouver.Evoking the malaise of urban life, we see Wendy is pictured moving through the city,a foil or reflection of the daily commuter passing through the station. Considering the two possible viewing positions for the work, inside the station descending the stairs or outside walking by,Scott has developed a recto-verso installation referencing the alter-ego/duality Wendy embodies, and the antagonism between mind and body. In this case, Wendy navigates Yaletown on her smart phone, juxtaposed with her inner self drilling head first into Vancouver' s subterrain - a representation of existential frustration.

Scott currently lives and works in Montreal. He is represented by Macaulay & Co.Fine Art,Vancouver.

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