Vancouver City Centre: Date Stamp

Alison Fu`s Date Stamp is the result of examining the residential areas of the City of Vancouver through documenting its sidewalks and the houses associated with them. Date stamps as well as imprints of street names are found only on the corner sections of sidewalks in some residential areas in Vancouver. The superimposed sidewalk image is displayed overtop an image of the house that lays perpendicular to the sidewalk. This is in order to address the history of that particular location.
The dates in the Date Stamp series of 24 images range
from 1926 to 1958, and quite often the dates no longer correspond to the houses that surround it. Residential areas of Vancouver are developing at a rapid rate and although some date stamps are preserved and salvaged, the history associated to them is just as quickly being forgotten.

Alison Fu is currently a Vancouver-based artist. She is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia. With a Bachelor's in Visual Arts, her works are an exploratory process of a specific site in order to bring attention to how society uses and interacts with those spaces.

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