Photo: of an art installation called 10-Seconds
LCD Screens


By Paul Wong Projects

10 Seconds was a curated and commissioned series of new works by Vancouver artists that was presented on the video screens of the Canada Line subway system. This yearlong project ran from April 2011 to March 2012. Each artist was been commissioned to create a 10-second work to be featured each month, repeating every 2 minutes over the commuter digital network and released on other digital platforms (YouTube/Facebook/DVD).

Artists were invited to address a diversity of themes past, present and future tense by creating original works of art marking Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary. These silent moments were seen by over 100,000 commuters per day. Commercialized space was punctuated by the insertion of creative acts from award-winning visual artists, critically acclaimed filmmakers, celebrated pop stars, literary giants, outspoken activists, deeply misunderstood critical thinkers, best-selling authors, and the next generation’s youth and beauty. Canada Line passengers were surprised, seduced and interrupted.