Photo: of an art installation called ‘5’
Vancouver City Centre


By Paul Wong

Paul Wong picked up a portapak video camera in the 1970’s as a rebel against the world around him. He created portraits of his generation’s lives of sex, drugs and rock n’roll. He has created hundreds of works, never stopping production, always pushing boundaries, always questioning the Establishment.

In ‘5’ Wong created 5 unique productions taking place over 5 consecutive weekends to take the public on extraordinary journeys in real, invented and imagined places.

“I came from a place where we purposely made “anti-art” and said it’s also art. This is time based stuff – it’s art –its references just happen to be much broader. It’s not just based strictly on visual art history and history of painting and Eurocentricity. It’s not just about commercial culture and television. It’s not just about pop…”
Paul Wong, 2007

‘5’ was commissioned by the City of Vancouver through its Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program, as part of Mapping and Marking Artist-Initiated Projects for Vancouver 2010