Photo: of an art installation called Apocalectyve
Langara – 49th


By Aniya Jacob , Priscilla Chermont Daiha, Michelle Lau, Jonathan Sahota, Benj…


We here at Apocalectyve are trying to make the most out of a bad situation.

It’s no secret that the end is nigh: The forests are burning, the cities are flooding, Coronavirus; mother nature has had enough.

At Apocalectyve we’ve had a vision of the city reborn. What alien landscape will take the place of our familiar skyline? What will maintain the hustle and bustle once society has disbanded? What will gentrify the streets after wealth has no meaning? As the carbon concentrations amplify in the atmosphere the plants respond by quadrupling in size. Massive, colourful fungi will coat the buildings of our city. The streets will be waterways. The buildings of the old world become habitat for the animals of the new one. And that fauna will have evolved into a strange and colorful form. Nature will once again take back the earth, and create a new harmony out of its current dysfunction. This is Apocalectyve’s answer to the Apocalypse, hope you enjoy!

 Apocalectyve is:

Aniya Jacob 

Priscilla Chermont Daiha

Michelle Lau

Jonathan Sahota, 

Benjamin Jinmin Lee

Joshua Stasik Prince