Bear Hunt (Heads) 2009

Photo: of an art installation called Bear Hunt (Heads) 2009
Langara – 49th

Bear Hunt (Heads) 2009

By Dean Drever

Dean Drever is a member of the Haida nation and born in Edmonton in 1970. He received a BFA in 1997 from the Alberta College of Art and Design where he studied sculpture design. His work has found a focus in the related themes of violence, power and anger.

Most recently, Dean has employed the archetype of the bear to explore the nature of power and dominance in the natural world. Figures of grace and overwhelming power, endowed with an innate capacity for fun, in Haida mythology the bear is an object of veneration and awe. Dean’s bears inspire respect and provoke thoughts on the role of violence and power in the natural, and therefore human, world.

Power and violent cruelty possess a logic and beauty of their own, and may be as much a constant of life and steadfastness and kindness.

Dean’s bears have recently been installed at the Toronto Sculpture Garden in Toronto, Ontario.