By Any Other Name

Photo: of an art installation called By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

By Working Format, partially funded by City of Vancouver 125 grant

“By Any Other Name” – by Working Format, partially funded by City of Vancouver 125 grant.

As symbols that represent time and place, names reflect the prevailing attitude of the culture in which they are given. While full of meaning,the attempt to capture complex traditions in a single word often neglects the numerous, conflicting characteristics of a city and its people.

Like many other cities, Vancouver’s diverse, multicultural background has given way to the creation of several alternate names. These names — given in admiration, as matter-of-fact descriptors, or in jest — observe the many facets of our local industry, culture and geography. Bestowed by both residents and visitors, they suggest the multitude of histories that collectively define Vancouver.

By Any Other Name considers the unique narratives hidden within some of these alternate names. The exhibition comprises seven Vancouver-based graphic designers, all graduates of Emily Carr University who occupy an important role in shaping Vancouver’s visual culture. Each designer was assigned one of Vancouver’s alternate names as the basis of a poster design. The physical posters are on display in the Canada Lines’ Waterfront Station starting from October 2011.

It has been conceived and curated by Working Format Design & Typography together with the Emily Carr Alumni Association. For information and inquiries, please contact Ross Milne ross[at]

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