Photo: of an art installation called Congratulations
Olympic Village


By George Vergette

Congratulations (2018) – George Vergette

George Vergette’s Congratulations (2018) for Olympic Village Canada Line Station is

comprised of a large text garland that presents viewers with the single word CONGRATULATIONS and is flanked on either side by floral arrangements. This work is installed on the exterior of a busy transit station and immediately confronts the viewer with an obvious question, congratulations for what? This query is something that is intended to stay with the commuter as they continue inside the station and on with their trip.

George Vergette (b. 1973, Edmonton; lives/works: Vancouver) has a diverse practice that includes painting, text based work, photography and printed matter. Drawing on sources as diverse as colour field painting and generic celebratory text garlands, Vergette investigates our associations with both high and low forms of imagery. With work that is imbued with intentional misrepresentation to sow confusion in the viewer you are forced to come up with your own conclusion. He has shown at the Palais de Tokyo, NADA Miami and Gallery Jones.