Fish Ladder: Salmon on the Capilano

Photo: of an art installation called Fish Ladder: Salmon on the Capilano
Vancouver City Centre

Fish Ladder: Salmon on the Capilano

By Jim Breukelman

Photo Credit: Jim Breukelman

The installation consists of five large images in a grey field on the window of the station. These images emphasize the mystery and movement of the salmon within the turbulent flow of water. Salmon are central to the economy and culture of this region. The fish are depicted in the controlled environment of a fish ladder, or in this case, the frame of the photograph. Seen through all these man-made lenses, they are still captivating as an icon of coastal wildlife.

“What I find uplifting about these images is that, even though these creatures are being controlled, funnelled through a man-made environment, they retain their aura of wildness,” Breukelman says. “In spite of the knowledge base we have amassed about salmon, there are still important aspects of their life that remain unknown. For me, that is the beauty of wildness and wilderness….its potential for surprise and conjecture.

“On another level, I like the whimsical idea of this piece being placed on the Canada Line entrance because the site houses a set of escalators, whose purpose is not unlike that of a fish ladder.”

The Canada Line Public Art Program in collaboration with the City of Vancouver Public Art Program is pleased to present a new photographic installation by artist Jim Breukelman at the Vancouver City Centre Station March through September 2013.