Forest Apparitions

Photo: of an art installation called Forest Apparitions

Forest Apparitions

By Darcy Hennessey

Darcy Hennessey

Forest Apparitions” is a medium format photography series completed in 2018. The collection is the first instalment of a four-part series that offers visual representations of the energies that live in the natural world.

I like to think of my photography as less of a personal creation, and more of a documentation of the natural languages being spoken around me at the time each photograph is taken. Each form is an energy that exists, and I am simply there to capture it when it wants to show itself to me.

The forms I portray in my work are all captured in-camera without any use of digital alteration. I guide the technical process, but the forms manifest as they want.

I hope that these photographs make their viewers take pause and indulge in a moment of mystery. This series is a reminder of the enormous amounts of energetic knowledge that the forests hold, and of the importance of how we treat these rich stores of energy and spirit.


Inspired by her upbringing as a professional mountain bike athlete who spent a majority of her early life exploring the forests of Vancouver Island, Darcy Hennessey Turenne’s works are rooted in motion. As a visual artist with a background in film, her works are always informed by the dynamic movements of the world around her.

Hennessey Turenne has an MA from Royal Roads University, and has a deep interest in the embodiment of felt energies through applied visual theory and storytelling.