Photo: of an art installation called Garlands
King Edward


By Michele Quan

Text: Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook – C. Bukowski

Courtesy of Paul Wong Projects – On Main Gallery

“Trees. I make ceramic garlands to be hung in their branches in offering to the earth, the community and the self. Clay is earth – a tactile material that is transformed by fire. The rope is the thread of time representing the connection and interdependence of all beings and phenomena.

The fabric catches what can be felt and yet is invisible to the eye. Wind breathes life into the piece and registers the presence of energy. Many of the images are rooted in the ancient wisdom of Buddhist and Hindu traditions, their meaning and beauty of which I am continuously in awe.

The garlands are an ongoing attempt to articulate that wonder. My hope is that they serve both as objects of contemplation to inspire reverence and as a source of encouragement and refuge”