In Transit

Photo: of an art installation called In Transit
Olympic Village

In Transit

By Arts Umbrella Students

In transit (2019) demonstrates the work of Arts Umbrella students working through the theme “reflections.” The installation features both darkroom and digital photography practices created by two classes of students aged 13 to 19 during the fall session at Arts Umbrella. Students worked to interrupt the theme and unpack how darkroom and digital photography intersect and complement each other.

For this project, student artists Maria Varbanova, Tyrese Temple, Alex Sikorsky, Bali Chu-Mehrer, Diego Minor, and Jackie Franks were instructed by teachers Kristen Roos and Alex Waber.

See also the accompanying exhibition In transit: Reflections at Remington Gallery, April 6–15.

Curated by Roxanne Gagnon, Alex Waber, and Kristen Roos, Arts Umbrella