Lines in architecture and art

Vancouver City Centre

Lines in architecture and art

By Arabella Campbell

Arabella Campbell’s photomural is a repeated image of a coastal landscape that emphasizes the high-tide line where the land and water meet. This perfectly level naturally occurring “reveal” is echoed in the surrounding architecture as the gap between the level plane of the floor and the vertical plane of the wall. The work is a subtle reflection on the relationship between the natural and built environments.

The work highlights “…how we draw from different ecosystems, the ocean and the forest, to simultaneously sustain our city. The allusion to the endless rise and fall of the tide will hopefully foster a connection to the changing of time and rethinking of urban space with an environmental sensitivity and an understanding of the shoreline that frames our city. ” – excerpt from artist’s proposal

Arabella Campbell has a degree from UBC and attended the San Francisco Art Institute before graduating from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2002.