Little Shadow

Photo: of an art installation called Little Shadow
Langara – 49th

Little Shadow

By Baetz, Davis, De Jeu, Perez, Zizka

Little Shadow, pays homage to an iconic object that Vancouverites often carry around for refuge from the rain – an umbrella. Historically used to connote status (held only by kings, priestesses, or army generals), the umbrella has become a ubiquitous possession that is often tucked inside bags of public transit travellers. The piece imitates the shape of a large umbrella and borrows the layered shingles design from rooftops to convey the idea of shelter. The piece was conceived and constructed by students in the Public Art Studio Practice class in Langara’s Fine Arts Program.

“I hope that viewers will have a chance to think deeper about the notions of shelter and boundary, and reflect on the various ways we protect ourselves from our environment, whether consciously or otherwise,” said Jasmine Baetz, one of the student artists. “This project was a collaborative effort. We had to build all the different parts of the structure and think about how to fit everyone’s ideas under–or in this case, into–the same little roof.”

The students in the Public Art Studio Practice course who designed and fabricated the work are:

Jasmin Baetz
Julian Davis
William De Jeu
Andreas Perez
Alexander Zizka