The March Sweater Project, 2016

Photo: of an art installation called The March Sweater Project, 2016
Vancouver City Centre

The March Sweater Project, 2016

By Lee Snelgar

LEE SNELGAR – Photographer RUSSELL ALTON – Geometry

The March Sweater Project is a platform designed to promote awareness in support of Vancouver’s aging LGBTQ population. The project honours LGBTQ trailblazers and their straight allies, while illuminating the need for culturally competent care within the healthcare system.

Lee Snelgar, photographer and founder of Nelson the Seagull, captured LGBTQ Vancouverites for the March Sweater Project. The portrait series has been designed to advance knowledge and understanding through the use of contemporary visual arts and showcases senior LGBTQ Vancouverites in a series of
authentic, honest and revealing portraits.

Russell Alton is a self-taught artist and printmaker living in Vancouver, BC. His art is an attempt at simplifying the vast and magical universe into small truths we all feel. To change our everyday just slightly so we can look at it anew and deepen our understanding of ourselves and one another.
Those novel moments tend to make us laugh and take hope forward with a joyous heart.

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