Navigating the Uncertainty Principle

Photo: of an art installation called Navigating the Uncertainty Principle
Yaletown – Roundhouse

Navigating the Uncertainty Principle

By Ingrid Koenig

The Contemporary Art Gallery presents a major solo exhibition of the Vancouver-based artist and educator Ingrid Koenig. This project brings together a series of large-scale drawings, further enlarged and translated into vinyl, presented at Yaletown-Roundhouse station and across CAG’s street level facade.  Koenig’s artistic practice traverses the fields of theoretical physics, social history and narratives of scientific thought through visual art and participatory projects involving collaborations between artists and physicists. Currently Artist in Residence at TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre at the University of British Columbia, Koenig is inspired by the possibilities of considering different ways of knowing in relationship to one another.

For Koenig, drawing is one such powerful way of knowing. Navigating the Uncertainty Principle developed out of these research concerns, and from the artist’s ongoing interest in the diagrams scientists use to describe the complex phenomena of physics, such as thermal movement, black holes, electromagnetism and chain reactions. In her graphite drawings, Koenig entangles this mode of visual communication with an iconography of domestic life—cooking, refrigerating and washing up. In this way, she charts the interconnected currents and chaos of everyday existence, and proposes a means of visualizing those abstract laws that, while imperceptible on the scale of human action, bind our most intimate and banal movements physically—and, Koenig would argue, poetically—to the rest of the universe.

Presented by the Contemporary Art Gallery in partnership with the Canada Line Public Art Program – IntransitBC.

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