Out of the Tunnel

Photo: of an art installation called Out of the Tunnel
Langara – 49th

Out of the Tunnel

By Langara College Students

Often mythologized in the mainstream as a dark, unwelcoming place, the basement is also a site of play and creative activity.

The basement of a house often contains a collection of material evidence of history, memory and care -existing as a perpetually shifting, spontaneous collage of lives lived, with kaleidoscopic visual and emotional associations.

In industrial and larger residential architecture, the basement is an integral aspect of the building – it is the site of vital infrastructure that provides stability and grounding for the structure that sits above.

As “The Basement” collective, we embody the playful, generative creativity, support and amalgamation of individual memories and shared experiences that define the basement.

Considering the Langara – 49th Station through this conceptual lens, “Out of the Tunnel” celebrates the warmth and levity that exists in spaces that are otherwise under appreciated. Brought together by the necessity of the daily commute, we cram together as we move in unison from point A to point B – we all wait to break the surface, see the light, and breathe in the fresh air. “Out of the Tunnel” presents the shared reality of these daily collective journeys.

Artwork Design by: AJ Dancel, Sabrina Dhaliwal, Hannah Dubois, Ranvir Gall, Vickie Hebert, Maan Kaur, Julie Kim, Natasha Nitschke, Xander Peng, Nitesh Rai, Ellen Soon, Melinda Veaudry, Kody Yoshioka, Elizabeth Yus