Rogues Gallery

Photo: of an art installation called Rogues Gallery
Granville & Robson

Rogues Gallery

By Caje Creative

Using archival records from the Vancouver Police (1899-1905) the artwork “Rogues Gallery circa 1900” reveals the socioeconomic climate of the Port of Vancouver at the turn of the century. During the boom of the early 1900’s people from all over the world arrived daily in Vancouver to seek adventure and fortune. In some cases, the lure of riches and passion led to corruption and incarceration. The artwork “Rogues Gallery circa 1900” raises questions about privacy, criminal activities and the public domain.

At a time in history when our online interactions and social media are redefining the right to privacy, freedom of expression and citizenship, it is important to reflect on the permanence of records.

Special thanks to the City of Vancouver Archives, R.G.5 Series D.2