Sense of Place

Photo: of an art installation called Sense of Place
Langara – 49th

Sense of Place

By Blair Dewan

Theme: Sense of Place-Oakridge/Langara
Photographer: Blair Dewan student Langara College CS Photography
Presented by: Langara College Continuing Studies Photography
Curated by: Jim Balderston

Artist’s Statement
The only thing certain is the uncertainty of change.
The project addresses the concepts of home and community and their creation, maturation, re-invention and redefinition. It asks questions about what constitutes appropriate use of land and who defines those terms, as well as what line, if any, exists between perceived ideas of real versus manufactured experiences. The work places these concepts within the context of the community of Langara-Oakridge, a mature, primarily post-war neighbourhood grappling with a restructuring of its sense of place.

Blair Dewan
Blair Dewan is an emerging photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and studying Photography in Langara College’s CS Photography program. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, and works as writer and creative director in the advertising industry.