A Stable World that will Last Forever

Photo: of an art installation called A Stable World that will Last Forever
Olympic Village

A Stable World that will Last Forever

By Krista Jahnke

It is the designer who must attempt to re-evaluate his role in the nightmare he helped to conceive, to retread the historical process which inverted the hopes of the modern movement.

– Toraldo di Francia, Superstudio

A Stable World That Will Last Forever is a constructed portrait of Vancouver. This photo montage is composed of recognizable architectural elements from throughout Vancouver, organized into a new configuration. This piece allows the viewer to imagine Vancouver within a new landscape and context. The complex layering of images at varying scales produces many broad and detailed vignettes which presents opportunities for the viewer to create narratives within narratives. The experience of this piece is a starting point to help people envision Vancouver from different perspectives as they circulate through the city.

Krista Jahnke received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University in 2009 and her degree in Architectural Studies from Ottawa’s Carleton University in 2007. Jahnke’s work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and public spaces. In 2009 Jahnke’s series, Same Soup Different Flavour: 100 Pairs of Converse Shoes, was part of a year-long exhibition at Vancouver’s Burrard SkyTrain Station and is now part of the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Permanent Collection. Additionally, Jahnke’s architectural photography was incorporated into the 2012 documentary, Coast Modern and was included in the group exhibition, Photography and the West Coast Modern House, at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in 2013.