Photo: of an art installation called Synapse
Yaletown – Roundhouse


By Lotus L. Kang

Unfolding across sculpture, installation, drawing, and photography, the practice of Lotus L. Kang takes up questions of “becoming” on expansive terms. Known for her use of unstable, continuously sensitive materials and a visual language that melds structural, organic, and entropic forms, Kang creates dexterously layered work that explores self and environment as contingent, continuous, and inseparable.

On the façade of the Contemporary Art Gallery and at the nearby Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Kang presents a suite of works from her recent series Synapse, which continues her long-term engagement with cameraless photography. These works are created through an analogue luminogram process, wherein Kang places nylon produce bags – the type commonly used to package onions and citrus – in the head of a photo enlarger before projecting them onto photographic paper in the darkroom. The resulting images are both saturated and sensorial, loosely suggestive of bodily forms and functions – sinuous tendons, firing neurons, branching networks of nerves – each a nod to endless processes of regeneration, reproduction, and change.

This artwork is presented in partnership with Contemporary Art Gallery, Capture Photography Festival and the Canada Line Art Program – InTransit BC