The People of the Ivanhoe

Photo: of an art installation called The People of the Ivanhoe
Granville & Robson

The People of the Ivanhoe

By Amanda Catching

On Granville at Robson (removed 9/20/12)

Is there such a thing as a characteristic citizen of a city? A
quintessential Parisian, Roman, or Londoner. There does seem to exist an abstract idea of what these persons would be. What then constitutes a stereotypical Vancouverite?

The Vancouverites who photographer, Amanda Catching, embraces as her representatives of Vancouver are the “endangered species of middle and lower income citizens; the champions of this city. They are the construction workers who build buildings they can never afford to own for an honest day’s work in exchange for an honest day’s pay. They are the teachers who scrape by on less than fifty-thousand dollars a year because they love their jobs. They are nurses, social workers, support workers, clerks, barristas, servers, tradesmen, service people, instructors, artists, musicians, and small business people. The everyman and woman of this city.”

Amanda’s stunning portraits of ‘the everyman and woman of Vancouver’, patrons of the Ivanhoe Pub, can be viewed at the corner of Granville and Robson.

The display of this work is the result of an initiative of the of Art History and Visual Art Department, UBC and Canada Line.
It represents an exceptional opportunity to introduce the general public to works by the youngest generation of artists from UBC classrooms.