Wind Chimes

Photo: of an art installation called Wind Chimes
Langara – 49th

Wind Chimes

By Little, Price, Kerr, Jolin-Dobblin

The site at the Langara 49th and Cambie Canada Line station is surrounded by both pedestrians and commuters. From bikes cycling by, chatter from pedestrians, car engines at the intersection and to the constant rush of noise from ongoing traffic, it is clear that motion and sound are key components to the site. Because of this, we hope to balance and reflect the noise and movement through creating wind chimes. As members of the community, we use this station as a passing ground at any time of the day.

More often than not, we are in motion when we see it and we wanted a sculpture that has the potential to, in its own way, wave back. The multitude of bamboo rods and stainless steel symbolise the number of people in this community who use this public space. We have chosen an ascending triangle and diamond shape that is implicitly aligned by the cut lengths of the rods. This simple shape allows for an ease in ability to detect change in motion and to reflect on the simple beauty of natural movement. Moreover, incorporating even just a simple shape allows the viewer to understand that something grounding can always be detected in the quantity of complexity. Just as the station is a beacon of familiarity within the community, the diamond shape amongst hundreds of rods unites this composition and provides common ground for the viewer. It was our intention to reflect within our sculpture the sound, motion and number of people who use the station and the shape of a community that becomes of it.

Collaborative group project with:

  • Bri Little
  • Jordan Price
  • Mady Kerr
  • Marissa Jolin-Dobblin