Works from the ‘Offerings to both …

Photo: of an art installation called Works from the ‘Offerings to both Past and Future’ series

Works from the ‘Offerings to both Past and Future’ series

By Shellie Zhang

Curated by Capture Photography Festival

Offerings to both Past and Future feature different arrangements of both fake and real fruits and vegetables in bowls taken from the artists’ home and collection of family heirlooms. The work takes visual cues from still life paintings, bowls of decorative produce displayed in restaurants, offerings at shrines/temples and the tradition of gifting fruit. Here, fruits and vegetables are presented as tender jewels on delicate pedestals to chronicle sacrifice, care, affection and labour in the processes that bring them around the world and the methods in which they are consumed. Created as tributes, Offerings to Both Past and Future aims to sustain the collective memory of those in the afterlife and those in the


Presented in partnership with Capture Photography Festival and the Canada Line Public Art Program – InTransitBC