Photo: of Aberdeen station
The Canada Line

Welcome to Aberdeen

The centre of Richmond’s thriving Chinese community can be found around Aberdeen Station, located on the No 3 Road between Cambie Road and Browngate Road. Depending on your background, this station represents either a taste of the “old country” or an intriguing entry into the world of Chinese and pan-Asian cultural, gastronomic and household products.

Shop at one of the many shopping centre’s located along No 3 Road, including Aberdeen and Yaohan Centres, which are conveniently located within a short walk of the station. Eat at one of the many Chinese, Japanese, Korean or bar and grill restaurants that surround the Station.

For a walk or cycle along Richmond’s waterfront dykes, head west along Cambie Road to the water. Turn either left or right and continue for as long as your heart desires and your legs will tolerate. On the way you’ll pass marinas and rowing clubs, not to mention a lot of other people walking the same route! For those up for a longer walk, continue south (left) along the dykes to the Richmond Oval, part of the 2010 Olympic games legacy.

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