Fingers Crossed

Photo: of an art installation called Fingers Crossed
Langara – 49th

Fingers Crossed

By Langara College students - Nicole Guillemin, Cat Hart, Sherry (Shahrzad) La…

We are Hivemind, an artist collective interested in the intersections of individuality, collaboration, and diversity. With our installation, we hope to bring attention to the roles we play as individuals and how these roles converge to form a community.

It is often challenging to break free of the mundanity of our individual everyday life and consider the wider community we are intrinsically a part of. Our interactions are impactful and do not take place in a vacuum. By attracting strangers to pause and experience our work, we hope to inspire people to take time in their routine to consider their place in the communities that make up our city. We wish to bring people together to create connections and celebrate our differences.

The integration of playful hand gestures throughout the piece conveys the connectivity of the people of Vancouver. This imagery serves as a universal language, reminding us of the significance of touch and fellowship. Hivemind’s aim is to engage in a meaningful way with levity- the world is too serious already.

The hexagons speak to the vital infrastructure of the honeycomb in a hive, acting as a symbol of harmony through life-giving interdependence. This speaks also to Vancouver’s brilliant surrounding environment and diverse wildlife, a further community we are a part of.

Even though urban life can feel isolating at times, this piece is a reminder of the parts of daily life that tie us together. Where do your connections lie?