Photo: of an art installation called What?
Langara – 49th


By Anne Hasert, Dimos Kefalas, Georgia Fairhurst, Hayley Glossop, Oseana MacKe…

As we came together to form, “What Collective?” we realized that what made us a collective was not our similarities, but a simple question: “What?” Together, we discovered that we are connected to each other by our diverse relationships with our surroundings. Therefore, we embraced our individual experiences of the world around us to depict how those sensations help shape our subjective reality.

Wandering through Langara – 49th Station, we allowed ourselves to actively engage with the station, and its transit line, with all our senses (taste omitted). Embracing our intuition, we individually generated drawings, paintings, sculptures, and digital works. We then rapidly collaged these works together to depict the sensations that overcame each of us at Langara –49th Station. In doing so we discovered that, despite our different experiences, we have come to a deeper understanding of our interconnectivity with each other and our sense of place.

As you look at this work, we invite you to experience what each of us did throughout this process. What do you see? What do the seats feel like? What sounds do you hear? What do you smell? To everything you experience in this work, in this space, and in life, simply ask, “What?”