Langara – 49th: Don’t forget…

Photo: of an art installation called Langara – 49th: Don’t forget to to Breathe
Langara – 49th

Langara – 49th: Don’t forget to to Breathe

By Aria Cheng, Grace Connor, Rozalyn Hardy, Emily Prevost MacMaster and Joana …

The RAY Art Collective has produced this work to provide a message of solidarity and hope in our uncertain and fast-paced times. The message, “DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE” is intended to be bold and accessible from both sides of the window in order to capture and communicate with pedestrians. While the reality of the material only provides visual legibility from outside the station the mirrored text tempts the viewers to anticipate the message on the other side of the glass as they turn the corner to enter the station, this gesture in turn allows the viewer to carry the message with them as they move. 

Each member wears the respirator with the phrase repeated twice on each panel to suggest how we all need some extra help to ensure self-care is maintained, even if that simple act is slowing down to breathe. As an all-female cohort, these students felt it was important to use the pink colour circulating from the 2017 Women’s March to contribute in a meaningful way, that is available to them as full-time students, in order to be present for others and each other.